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Deep Insights into your Equity Portfolio

Finacular's powerful algorithms analyze your portfolio in seconds!

Visually analyze your portfolio

Visually analyze your portfolio.
Greener the better!

Our smart algorithms look deep into your portfolio and study the health of each and every company in your portfolio.

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Portfolio Composition.png
Identify portfolio composition

A few good stocks are all that are required to build wealth. 

Identify your meaningful investments and remove all clutter.

Find out overlapping funds

Invest in the best mutual funds and remove all overlap

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Equity values.png
Detailed Stock Level Analysis

Do you hold multiple mutual funds as well as stocks through a Demat account?

You can now look at the individual stock holdings of these mutual funds and how much of your money is in each stock at an individual level.

Invest only in the best!

Fees Analyzer

Regular Plans eat away 20-25% of your profits. 

If you are investing through a broker, distributor, bank, you are holding regular mutual funds. 


Analyze the fees you are paying and switch to direct.


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