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Finacular : The Finance Management Platform

Finacular is a highly comprehensive, personal finance and wealth management platform. It has been launched with an aim to simplify personal finance and help everyone make astute and wise investments. 

Financial planning Dashboards:

  • Tracking of the entire net worth and current state of financial 

  • Projections of net worth over the years

  • Estimation of financial independence age


Asset Allocation:

  • Optimization of overall asset allocation - how much should be invested in equity, debt (FDs/ savings, etc.), liquid for achieving optimal returns on your overall assets

  • Optimize your debt investments (whether it is bank FD or corporate FD or debt mutual funds)

Investment Advisory and analysis

  • Get recommendations for the best equity mutual funds and debt investments

  • Analyze equities and mutual funds using simple visualizations

  • Analysis of portfolio diversity through visual representations

Financial Planning & Scenario analysis

  • Create your financial freedom & wealth creation plan

  • Planning of investments on a monthly/ annual basis

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